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  • Allows creation of automated calling campaigns for variety of purposes
  • Simple Announcements with static, pre-scripted messages
  • Scripted Announcements with dynamic flows and contents pre-programmed for customer interactions
  • Introduction and transfer to queue with associated desktop integration
  • Graphical UI & Powerful Scripting to create campaigns with pre-recorded voice prompts and/or text-to-speech prompts
  • Launches campaigns manually, or automatically as pre-scheduled
  • Distributed architecture for easy scaling and strategic deployment across the ShoreTel system


  • Appointment reminders “You have an appointment on May 12th with Dr. Kelly. Press 1 to confirm or press 2 to be connected to our office to re-schedule.”
  • Financial Transactions: “Your electric bill is 3 days overdue. Your last payment was made on December 16th in the amount of $176.48. Press 1 to make a payment using our automated system or press 2 to speak to an agent.”
  • Community Reminders, School Snow Day Benefits
  • Efficient and accurate customer care with minimal resources
  • Flexible Interactive Notification offering Wide Variety of audiences: Medical Offices, Utilities, Schools, Government Software only – Leverages existing ShoreTel system resources
  • Works equally well with ShoreTel Workgroup and Contact Center deployments
  • Customers easily create Sophisticated Interactive Call Flows
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