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ShoreTel Connect Scribe
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Recommended for: 

Busy people who would rather read their voicemail than listen to it

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The ShoreTel Connect Scribe service transcribes voice messages received by a ShoreTel phone system user and sends the text, along with a WAV file, to a specified e-mail address. ShoreTel Connect Scribe enables the ability to visually review voice mail and save the text file for archival purposes. Caller information is provided as part of the transcription process, and the audio file is attached to the email as a WAV file for playback.

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  • Receive and read voicemail on mobile phones, compatible portable devices and/or email
  • ShoreTel Scribe makes searching for voice messages as easy as searching for an email
  • Important numbers, names and addresses are easy to find, easy to access and easy to archive


  • Provides powerful and feature rich unified communications at an affordable price point
  • Installs quickly and easily, and integrates system management
  • Empowers employees with flexible communications tools, regardless of location, to increase productivity
  • Improves business agility with a platform built for growth
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