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Recommended for:

Natural fit for customers (e.g. K-12 schools) who purchase

CHM Schedule Application Any customer who desires the ability
to communicate instantly and privately (i.e. not via intercom)
with employees regardless of phone mode


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  • Allows phones in DND or forwarded modes (e.g. “In a Meeting”) to be called
  • Caller must use special dialing technique to activate
  • Software only Application loaded onto ShoreTel Director or DVS server


  • Natural pair for ShoreTel CHM Schedule Application Fully automatic
  • Once installed, application runs continuously in background
  • Special dialing technique can be shared with limited group of company personnel
  • Dialing technique simple and configurable
  • Configurable no answer timeout before caller will be transferred to called party’s voicemail box
  • Calls must be made from a ShoreTel IP phone
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