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Recommended for:

Any customer running Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
and On-premises versions 4.0 and 2011

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  • Seamlessly integrate Microsoft CRM customer data
  • Automate records access for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Preview CRM entities from automated screen pop
  • View active calls and associations to CRM entities through an automated window
  • Create phone call activity records automatically or manually
  • Control all active calls from the desktop
  • Automatically answer ringing calls while simultaneously opening an associated CRM form
  • Click to call outbound numbers using the ShoreTel Web Dialer application


  • Fully leverage your most valuable information asset: Customer data
  • Use the convergence of voice and data to enhance productivity, shorten response times, and increase customer loyalty
  • Consolidate data for better reporting and improved decision making
  • Integrate seamlessly using personalized setting options
  • Realize immediate benefits from ease of installation and intuitive interface
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