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Recommended for:

Businesses and organizations who want to coordinate
in-house response during critical and emergency situations

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  • Generates audible desktop alerts & phone calls when an emergency or less urgent “code blue” call is detected
  • Supports site-specific alerting for geographically dispersed businesses
  • Supports country-specific and multiple external emergency numbers
  • Alerts include name and extension as well as site and physical location
  • Allows key company personnel to communicate in real-time
  • Creates an integrated call log of code blue and emergency related activities
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  • Schools, corporate campuses, manufacturing plants, military bases, motels Widely distributed environments
  • Airports, amusement parks, convention centers, high-rise apartments or hotels


  • Nursing homes, retirement facilities, clinics Benefits Increase oversight and communication
  • Communicate in real-time using built-in client messaging
  • Alert Screens prompt for acknowledgement Obtain a comprehensive activity log
  • All activity is integrated into a single event log
  • Use the log for legal reference, public relations activities, safety training, and policy management
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