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ShoreTel Premises Advanced Applications Catalog
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Recommended for:

Large multi-site companies for whom paging in critical situations is important

Customers concerned about WAN usage

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  • Paging solution that offers alternative to built-in ShoreTel paging
  • Distributed solution, allows for intra-site paging to reduce WAN traffic
  • Supports “Forced” & “Optional” modes for emergency vs. informational purposes
  • Includes Text Paging to user telephone displays


  • Convenient web-based administration for setting up paging groups
  • Support for “super groups” containing multiple individual groups
  • Automatic call throttling
  • Paging calls sent out in batches to groups with more than 100 members
  • Forced mode puts any existing call on hold and connects to user to play page
  • Text pages of up to 4000 characters entered via web & sent to selected groups
  • Textual page causes audio ‘beep’ and lit display on user’s ShoreTel phone
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