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SecurVoice a Professional telephony recording solution from CSS let’s you effectively increase operator productivity by monitoring real-time activity, evaluating customer interactions, and enhancing training. Providing powerful tracking and analyzing capabilities through a browser-based interface, the SecurVoice solution will help you achieve dramatic cost savings and productivity gains through more efficient access, creation, and management of critical communication data.

SecurVoice recorders also serve as dispute resolution tools by reducing liability and costs associated with disputes, as well as increasing efficiency dealing with disputes.

CSS delivers one of the most flexible recording solutions on the market. Supporting IP telephony, digital or analog environments, the SecurVoice platform has been designed to be implemented quickly, either as a turnkey solution or integrated on a software component basis using your existing server.

SecurVoice offers the entire user, manager, and administrator tool-box in a single intuitive interface which is browser-based. This includes the search and playback, report builder, screen capture, live monitoring, a dashboard to monitor real-time agent stats, customizable dispositions, evaluation, and all of the administrator tools. These are privilege-based and password protected.

SecurVoice systems support MySQL and SQL Server, which simplifies internal database support and makes database integration seamless. These are just two examples of the superior design of the SecurVoice Professional System; delivering reliability and flexibility in a feature rich package that is extremely easy to use.

SecurVoice integrates to all major automation software solutions whether you record eight phones in a smaller Station or several hundred in a larger Station or any number in-between, SecurVoice systems provide unmatched levels of scalability and cost-effectiveness, all backed by superior support provided in an intuitive Customer Care Plan.



  • 100% .Net technology
  • Single or multiple site
  • Supports full service or third party central stations
  • Integration to all major automation software solutions
  • Dynamically configurable feature selection
  • Fully integrated recording and quality monitoring
  • Scalable from four to ten thousand channels



  • IP, analog trunk, analog station, digital station, T1, E1, PRI
  • IP recording via managed network switch port
  • Full-time, scheduled, and rules-based recording (rules on user, group, site, server, channel, direction, calling, called, calling name, percentage)
  • Compression options: GSM, ADPCM, PCM (aLaw, uLaw, Linear)
  • Key press record on demand from initiation point forward
  • Key press record on demand of entire call
  • Minimum call length setting
  • Key press free agent seating, requires no CTI link or desktop software
  • Industry standard .WAV format



  • Configurable .WAV file encryption: DES, RC2, Triple DES, Rijndael
  • All system configuration activity is logged by user and IP address
  • Configurable permission levels on a per user basis
  • SSL support for Web based user interface
  • Passwords can be set to expire, and strong passwords can be enforced



  • Automated database backup and maintenance
  • Self monitoring: backup, purging, network connectivity, line synchronization, database, recording verification, storage, and file transfer
  • Self monitoring generated alarms to Application Event Log / email list
  • Alarms can be escalated to separate email lists
  • Built-in diagnostic tools


  • 100% .Net Technology
  • Integrates to Automation software
  • Browser Based
  • Report builder
  • Records IP, digital & analog calls
  • 8 to 8000 channels
  • Record-on-Demand
  • Free Agent Seating
  • Evaluate and add notes
  • Live Operator Monitoring(1)
  • Embedded Emailing
  • Desktop screen recording (up to 3)(2)
  • Agent activity dashboard
  • Self monitoring with alarms
  • Salesforce Integration(3)
  • Windows XP Pro—Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003—2008 Web server Edition





  • Provides for screen capture of the operators activity as they
    maneuver within the automation software or other used process
  • SecurVoice screen capture can capture information off up to three
    screens per operator (positioning)
  • Screen capture provides for a programmable wrap-up time
    for operator notes and is linked to the call or calls performed
    by the operator
  • Recorded calls with or without screen capture can be emailed
  • SecurVoice screen capture requires it own server for limited storage



  • Provides for live monitoring of an operator at the time of the call
  • Select which operator and listen to their call live
  • The SecurVoice dashboard provides a visual indication of which
    operators are on a call, how many calls received and made, overall
    talk time, idle time and average idle and talk times
  • Select the operator to Live Monitor



  • Supports multiple databases including MySQL and SQL Server
  • Scheduled and rules-based transfer to long term centralized storage
  • Scheduled and rules-based file purging/backup, Supports network-
    based storage
  • CSS 19” rack mount servers. 2U to 4U. 500GB dual HD with Raid 1



Installation includes:  Server installation and configuration, interconnect wiring and basic administrator training.

Installation does not include:  Moving existing equipment or premise wiring.  Extensions must be labeled and identified prior to SecurVoice installation.



Provides for interface to Salesforce. Where Salesforce is used and information by technical or sales teams are entered into Salesforce in association to a phone conversation the call and Salesforce action can be cross referenced by SecurVoice – Salesforce integration.

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Windows XP Pro—Windows 7
Windows Server 2003—2008 Web server Edition
(1) 1-Live Monitor License per manager. 1-Live Monitor License per operator.
(2) 1-Screen Capture License per operator.
(3) 1-Salesforce License per user.


pdfDownload Securvoice Specifications